Swimming Underground by Mary Woronov

Swimming Underground;
My Life in the Warhol Factory

by Mary Woronov

Published by Serpent's Tail
ISBN: 1-85242-719-1

Swimming Underground: My Years In The Warhol Factory is Mary Woronov's gripping recounting of her years with Andy Warhol in a time when drugs, outrageous sex, and a wildly distorted sense of reality were the norm. In 1964, as a Cornell University sculpting student gone astray, Woronov went to New York City and drifted into Andy Warhol's circle. Swimming Underground is the story of her experiences as a member of the Factory and the Velvet Underground. Using her innate literary ability, she allows us to experience these sights, sounds, moods, and even the depravity of people totally out of control. She takes us on a surreal trip, shocking even to those who experienced the psychedelic sixties for themselves. Swimming Underground immerses the reader in its world: a world that amazes and shocks, and ventures to the other side of reason.

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